Boolean Conditions? IF [condition] THEN [do something] ELSE [do something else]

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I am searching for a way to resolve a thing that popped into a patch I am working at. Is there a way to construct a boolean condition like

IF [condition] THEN [do something] ELSE [do something else]

The practical problem is that I would like to skip to the next sample once the playback is finished, using the cf player (or any other player, for all that matter).

I’ve tried with AS Steps, Launch Gate, Kill Gate (counting how many steps it take every samples I used in the patch), with ML_Modules switches and in a lot of other “colorful” but very inefficent ways involving the bridge rectifier, the zero (from Animated Circuits), the “not” logic function…

There must be a solution out there but I am banging against a wall.
After all it’s a matter of triggering an event when the signal from the player stop (yet I’ve tried when the voltage is zero and it does not work, of course).

Any idea? :confused:

I can’t think of a way to accomplish what you want using CF Player because that module does not emit a trigger when the sample is finished (usually labeled EOC or End of Cycle in other modules). NYSTHI samplers do have EOC trigger outputs, but I don’t think they allow loading a directory of samples.

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At first, I answered that it was totally ok but then I realized that you are right, complex simpler do not allow to load samples from a directory so I would be forced to find another way to solve the thing.
Yet it is absolutely interesting the EOC you brought to the surface! It is something I didn’t know about and now I can focus on that, also, so thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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you can organize all your samples in a single wav file
after you load the SUPER sample into confusingSimpler
after you can select all the slices representing the various parts

you can play all the slices using CV selection, and you can do using Random mode too
using the EOS (End of slice) signal as trigger


TIL two things…
NYSTHI could be the anagram of SYNTHI or viceversa? :smiley:

I am really feeling dumb: where is the EOS? I know I am missing something but what???

yes, it’s a poor man anagram… :smiley:

sorry: End of Cycle…

to create slices, you need to select, and do ADD SLICE using contextual menu (or use a trig in the the ADD input of the ORANGE area (the free slices area)

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Ok, enough kidding!
I got what you mean. I have at least two solutions now, the one I am working on and the one you just gave me. Nice!

I wonder, tho, if there’s a “general purpose” solution: a way to implement the boolean condition in a more general way. I suspect there is, I am (sadly) used to asking for things that already exist… :confused:

You usually need a trigger for the condition. If you have that, try the bogaudio switch/latch.

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Yep, it’s not as easy as I expected but there are a lot of workarounds. The Bogaudio Switch is one of them. As well as the AS Steps, Launch Gate, Kill Gate and the ML Modules switches.

Oh man, it seems as if I have returned back to school when I was making my circuits on the exp board with resistors, capacitors, diodes and such. around 40 years ago. :smiley: