Bogaudio Matrix88: Request for color indication lights

Hey there, I would like to request a feature for the Matrix88 by Bogaudio, it would be really great if the knobs lit up in the same colors used for the mute/solo buttons, towards orange for inverting, towards green for attenuating (or maybe the possibility to choose the knobs’ function in the menu, like the volts range options in their ADDR sequencer).

I was messing around with it in one of my attempts at building a VCV version of an EMS VCS3 Synthi and found it difficult to see where the knobs’ settings were at, which is important to quickly know what the current patch is like.

In other attempts building the Synthi I used the Strum’s Mental Patch Matrix which works really well but it doesn’t have attenuating capabilities, which is an integral part of patching on the Synthi. The pins used have varying resistance (I’ve read that there were mainly differences in tolerance, the red ones being the most precise, the green ones offering 50% attenuation, apparently there were also 75% attenuation pins available and you could of course swap out resistors in the pins to your own taste). I could of course kind of work around this using attenuators between the outputs and their respective destinations, but that would attenuate all signals going to that device. The attenuation has to happen in the individual connection point.

This is where Bogaudio’s Matrix88 came to mind, since it knobs instead of buttons. I also looked at Bidoo’s ACnE, which looks promising, the knobs are changing color when turned, a really practical visual confirmation of what is going on. As an added bonus there are mute and solo buttons and it has snapshots so you can have multiple patches in one project! The only thing that keeps me from embracing it is the way the ins and outs are oriented, on the Synthi it’s inputs along the X-axys, outputs along the Y-axis, something I’ve already gotten used to after playing around with my patches and trying to memorize where everything is with the manual as a guide.

I really like the look and feel of Bogaudio modules though, so it would be awesome if I could use this module for these purposes; although inverting the signal is not what I need for my Synthi endeavours, I can see it coming in handy for different applications.

I hope this is possible!

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It would probably be best to write your request in the “issues” section of Bogaudio’s GitHub page, where the source code for Bogaudio Modules is hosted:

Okay I finally took the time to register on GitHub, the request has been sent :slight_smile: Thanks!

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