Blooper style looper pedal

Hello everyone, hope the world finds you all well! I have been constructing a ‘Blooper style looper’, what I really need is a good switch that can turn off/on the options of ‘Reverse’-Hora Delay, ‘stutter’-RJ Stutter and tape effects-Chow Tape. Any suggestions for switches that will do the job? I will load the patch up to Patchstorage if anyone wants to play around with it. Here’ the set up I have created:

You can attach .vcv file here, just drag and drop it in message editor.

Thanks diimdeep, but I have already loaded it to Patchstorage and put audio on Soundcloud, I will bear that in mind next time. Here’s the audio and patch:

Blooper style looper-vers 2 -Mutes in Blooper style looper in VCV Rack (

Blooper - Style Looper -guitar pedal | Patchstorage

This is a good switch. Put the dry signal into the “low” input, wet into “high” and set it to latch, then you can switch between both by clickig the button or sending a gate.

Thank you Schabbes, I will give that a go, hopefully that will do the trick. Much appreciated.