Blamsoft Modules

Thanks for your work and support with the Blamsoft modules!

I thoroughly enjoy using them and the free status will make them a must-have in my courses.

I’m a bit late to the party but would also say thank you for the great modules. I’ve paid for all of them and still would pay for another one even if it would also become free at the end. I also was a big fan of your REs, the Viking, besides your other REs, was/is a awesome synthesizer! I don’t use Reason anymore and was very exited as i noticed that you also develope Rack modules. Maybe you’ll have the time some day to develope another one, it would be great! :slight_smile:

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This is slightly off topic, but it does relate to Blamsoft. The Viking synth is available as a free VST here You’ll need the VCV Host module to use it from VCV Rack, but that’s an option if you like the synth.


Thank you for the hint!

Any change for 1.0 ?

Dear @Blamsoft

The porting of plugins to Rack version2 seems to be very easy, a one-line manifest change and a recompile as the minimum effort required in most cases.

We are many fans of your Rack modules, in particular the magnificent XFX Wave, and I hate the thought that it might not make it to V2. Would you consider, pretty please, to port your plugin to V2? That would make me and many others very happy.

Andrew has a V2 porting post here and the latest posted dev releases of Rack and the SDK can be downloaded here.

I sincerely hope this can come true, and I thank you in advance!



@LarsBjerregaard did you try to email Richard (= Blamsoft)?

No. Email address?

maybe this one works:


any news about blamsoft?

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I was just wondering about this today - would be a great loss if Blamsoft modules were not updated - and as they are closed source I guess it can only be done by the developer.

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No. I also emailed them but haven’t heard anything. I’ll keep you posted if/when I do. If more people than me email them it might make an impression!

maybe, but we haven’t had anything new from Blamsoft in ages, have we? I mean in VCV…

No, we haven’t. They “pulled out” right after making the plugin free. I never really understood why they gave up so quickly on the sales of the plugin, but maybe it was something else, we don’t know…

The blamsoft plugging are dope, since they make the plugging free I stopped to use it to not to make my patches dependant of modules with uncertainty support

I wrote an email to Blamsoft a week ago, but sadly didn’t get a reply either.

Can’t find Blamsoft in the library anymore? Add me to the legions of people who are sad that those awesome modules aren’t kept alive.


Haven’t tried V2, but that’s something i would definitely miss a ton if i do. Most of the cool stuff i’ve ever done with rack, my album, the videos, the indie game soundtrack, always had some Blamsoft in it

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Count me in with the people who are gonna be really sad if Blamsoft is not updating to 2.0 I love their plugins I freaking love their filter I hope they see the love of the community Still I won’t force any developer to do something if they don’t want to, but still, I’ll be sad


I have all of Blamsoft’s rack extensions in Reason and love them. As a new VCV convert with v2, I really hope they update their modules too! Blamsoft is always at least partially in the everything I do.