BlackHole not working in VCV Rack 2

I’m using the BlackHole Audio transfer between apps as a replacement for Sound Flower on Mac M1 Pro. Working fine between Ableton and Bitwig but can’t get VCV Rack2 to work. Anyone else having success ?

I haven’t noticed any issues. I used it the other day to pipe audio from an iOS app (Propellerhead’s Figure) that I was running on the M1 into Ableton.

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Black hole works fine on my M1, in Rack and QT and anything else. Just make a multi output device in Audi MIDI Setup and use that to output to both your default sound device and (in my case 16 channel) BH, and QT grabs audio from it fine and records. I hate the screen recording interface in Big Sur, but alas, it does work fine

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Strange for me then. I can send Audio from VCV to Live no problem, but I can not get it to work the other way. Was wanting to send a clock pulse from Live to sync VCV to Live as the VST is very temperamental on Monterey./ Apple M1

Has anyone been able to send audio in to VCV via Blackhole? I can send from VCV that way but not the other way round.

I just put it on a send/return Aux in Mindmeld MixMaster. It works fine. I send the CLK output of Impromptu Clock to a channel in the Host-FX, and right click the channel and select ‘1/4 note’ as the clock assignment. That set up the Black Hole timing, and it’s working because it displays the host BPM and it matches Clocked’s BPM.

Does sound into Rack work from other sources? You probably need to give Rack permission to “use the microphone” in macOS. Microphone is a macOS euphemism meaning “all audio input”, I know… :roll_eyes:

I hope I’m not hijacking the thread but I admit to being utterly foiled by this task. I want to route audio from my browser into VCV Rack. I have a Scarlett 4i4 audio interface. I made a Blackhole Multiple Output device but I’m confused how to use it. I keep hearing the browser audio through my main speakers, which I don’t want. So can anyone tell me how it’s done on the Mac ? To be clear: I want to route browser (or other external) audio into VCV Rack via the Blackhole Multi. I don’t want to monitor the input stream outside of VCV Rack, I only want to hear the processed audio. I tried something similar with my guitar, I can get the signal into VCV Rack okay, I just haven’t figured out how to silence the monitored input. Btw, this is a final hurdle. If I can figure how it’s done I’ll have reproduced on the Mac most of my connection possibilities in Linux. Any and all suggestions appreciated. :slight_smile:

set your output in the sound control panel to the Blackhole multi-output device created in Audio/Midi setup app?

alternately create a new only blackhole one, use that is input in if needed a second audio module? Then set sound control panel to only blackhole and voila, no more system audio. Not ideal though as you have to switch it back after being done to get anything out of the built-in sound out