Black Friday 2020 Sale

All VCV modules 25% off until Friday December 4th.

Expand your modular toolkit with professional plugins including Sound Stage (simulated 3D room reverb), Chords (4-note chord sequencer), Host (VST 2/3 plugin host), and many more.


Does anyone have chords? How is the module, are you happy? And worth buying it?

Any feedback well worth.

Console is the only one I do not own and use and that is because of the genius of MindMeld MixMasters. Chords is really interesting despite the restriction to 4-tone chords. The possibility of assigning a different octave to each of the 4 tones and controlling the root note and the advancement of the chords, not to forget that you can directly choose chords by setting the corresponding CV, makes more than up for that. By the way, Chords and Scalar are a real dream team together. :metal: :mask:

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The question is do you need it? :slight_smile:

If so, then: VCV Chords module does what it is supposed to do, it does it well and visually pleasing.

This track, is heavily built on top of what started with the module itself: