Bitwig Clap velocity

When I set the velocity to 100% in Bitwig’s Clap, it becomes 20.079V. I think 10V is correct, but is it different?

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Definitely looks like a bug, I tried your test and got the same result. With the VST2 and VST3 Rack plugin, the same midi note generates a 10V velocity, which is correct, so there likely is a small issue in the Clap version of the Rack plugin. Might want to report it to Cheers!


I repored to VCV Support. Thank you!


I reproduce you velocity voltage issue (from Bitwig Studio 5.1 Beta 5, Windows 10, VCV Rack 2 v2.4.1 Pro):

VCV Rack as CLAP: Like you I get more +20V:

VCV Rack as VST2 (or VST3): the voltage (10V) is good:

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Thank you for the reproduction test!

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You’re welcome! :wink:

But CLAP seems to be ok from REAPER (v6.83):

So something is wrong between VCV Rack CLAP, and Bitwig Studio (I’m using lastest 5.1 Beta 5).

I’m suspecting an CLAP implementation issue in Bitwig Studio, by this way (over range value sent by Bitwig Studio).

I don’t have another DAW supporting CLAP, however.


Zrythm supports CLAP, and a maximum-velocity note there produces 10V in Rack.

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if it helps, i made a track with one of my debug claps sent three notes and got CLAP_NOTE events with velocity 1, 0.3, 0.6; I then replaced it with the VCV Rack plugin and got the 20v like you said (and made sure the note port configurations were the same).

Bitwig is different from REAPER in that it will send CLAP_NOTE events to items which support it (and rack does) so it may be that the bug is in the CLAP_NOTE rack parser.

Dont know if anyone has this item live with support but perhaps sharing that would help?

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That’s really useful - thanks!

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