Bitwig 3 - VCV Bridge 64, when Midi still in use

Bitwig 3 with VCV Bridge 64 Plugin running on Win7.

Loading the VCV Bridge, open VCV Rack V1.1.1.

When I Setup “Windows Midi” as Input, choosing my Midiboard, while Midi also is active in Bitwig, VCV Rack breaks down.

Can fix with turn Midi-Device off in BWS and restart VCV.
Other suggestions?

That is because of Windows. Windows can’t handle 2 programs reading from the same midi source. Let’s imagine you have your Daw reading Midi, plus 1 standalone virtual synth reading midi from the same source, one of the two program would crash :slight_smile: I don’t know of a solution so far … Maybe someone else does

This is not a Windows problem, it is a problem of the default midi driver which can’t handle multiple clients. Crashes are the result of bad error handling in the software, for example Reaper won’t crash.

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