Bitwig 3 - VCV Bridge 64, when Midi still in use

Bitwig 3 with VCV Bridge 64 Plugin running on Win7.

Loading the VCV Bridge, open VCV Rack V1.1.1.

When I Setup “Windows Midi” as Input, choosing my Midiboard, while Midi also is active in Bitwig, VCV Rack breaks down.

Can fix with turn Midi-Device off in BWS and restart VCV.
Other suggestions?

That is because of Windows. Windows can’t handle 2 programs reading from the same midi source. Let’s imagine you have your Daw reading Midi, plus 1 standalone virtual synth reading midi from the same source, one of the two program would crash :slight_smile: I don’t know of a solution so far … Maybe someone else does

I might be misunderstanding your issue, but have you installed some sort of midi loopback driver? I pipe midi to and from live all the time using LoopBe1:

There are a few other virtual midi drivers, but that one seems to work well on win7 and is free. In your daw you set the midi input to the LoopBe1 driver, in vcvrack you set your midi out as the LoopBe1 driver (or the other way around to go in the other direction). Then you can still use your actual midi interface for external midi things while you send midi information back and forth with the midi loopback. Hope that makes sense.

PS: I think that is an issue with midi and not specifically windows. That is why I used to have a hardware midi merger.