Bitwig 3 Anounced and, yes it developed its Modular aspect!

(Soothsayers) #1

Check it out:

i am huge BW user… this is a welcomed addition! Looking forward to seeing how it can develop my VCV tracks

(Sergey Ukolov) #2

For me as for Bitwig license owner it’s an awesome addition and I’m happy that finally they are adding the feature they are promised for at the Bitwig start. But at the same time it’s a bit scary, because I’m afraid that it can impact my interest to VCV Rack - now Bitwig has very similar features and they are integrated TOO good with Bitwig linear timeline.
I’m a Linux user and honestly, for me there is not so much choices for music production: Renoise, Bitwig, VCV Rack. Not counting Ardour, LMMS and Tracktion Waveform here because of their unpleasant UI and UX.
I hope that we will learn some good tricks from this new Bitwig’s Grid system, adopt some of them to VCV and make it even better. At least, I will try to help to do it.
Praise Rack developers for deciding to make Rack an open-source software, the good they has done should return to them in amplified amounts :slightly_smiling_face:


Yet another development that really makes me want to buy Bitwig.

I’m a little turned off by their pricing scheme, though. The idea of paying $170 USD every year to continue getting updates feels a little weird, and…not cheap, honestly.