Bitwig 16 limitations

Can VCV2 VST be used to work around some of the limitations between Bitwig 16 and Pro. I’m planning to upgrade to Studio, but waiting for some kind of promo or discount. 16 limits you on inputs and outputs, and I have an ES-9 with expanders. Am I barking up the wrong tree? I have no plans to run audio from Eurorack to DAW and back, due to latency. I’m mostly interested in gates and envelopes from Bitwig for now. I am brand new to using a DAW. So I’m thinking gates envelopes from DAW to Euro. And multitrack audio from Euro to DAW. Of course my assumptions may be all wrong once I get into learning Bitwig. I’m just looking at buying the VCV2 VST now.

Not sure, but I can run audio from say a Eurorack VCO to VCV inside a DAW via an ES-6, apply an envelope and filter and return it with no noticeable latency. My RME card suggests it’s a 3ms round trip to get that far though tbf I’m not then sending it back out to Eurorack as I use my PC for all effects.

I think the ADAT interface is a bit better about latency than the ES-9? Especially using expanders.

Bitwig offers a sale of around $100 off about twice a year.

There is also an option to purchase a Bitwig Studio license through a payment plan through

I am paying $15.99 per month CAD for 25 months. You can pay off the remainder at any time. There is no interest or additional fees and you can even pause your payments and pick up where you left off if you need to. You do not need to purchase a splice plan for their core products.

The full price for Studio is a bit more than I can handle right now, so this was a perfect option for me. My plan is to continue on the monthly plan until I can knock off enough of the total cost to make it more manageable to pay the remainder in one final payment.

Not an answer to your question per se, but an option to consider.


I purchased Bitwig 16 back in the spring and have been using it with VCV Rack in VST form. After a little time learning how to get them to communicate, everything has worked pretty seamlessly. Omri Cohen has a good youtube video covering the basics of using them together. I have not had any issues with the limitation of 16 tracks. I have not tried using it with hardware so I can’t speak to that. I am happy with my purchase and the results, so I can recommend. Of course, your results may vary.