Biset Tracker full walkthrough and tutorial

Hi all!

This was requested by many people, so I thought I will publish this here also. I made a full walkthrough of the Tracker from Biset, going through all the features and how to use it.

Many people asked me also how it is compared to the hardware NerdSeq, and I think it’s a great introduction to the workflow. The NerdSeq is very very very deep, but if you’re interested in the NerdSeq, I highly recommend learning the Biset Tracker to see if you like the workflow.



Thanks Omri! Loved the tutorial. Saw the one from the developer and didn’t catch a mention of the „matrix“ part of the module in both videos.

Is this something still in development?

Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah, this is still not implemented…

The clip launcher is something i had overlooked, and its quite compelling for live performance. Thanks omri

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