Biset Blank, oh my what a module!

Ohh, yeah, note that my comment wasn’t in any way directed at your above posts, even between the lines :smile:, I just noticed this thread having some activity again, and realized that it’s already almost two weeks since biset submitted the Blank update to the VCV library. Hopefully it appears there this week :sunny: !


Didn’t want to wait any longer and just built it myself for my Windows and Linux workstations :'P

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hows the slew on the cable animation? :slight_smile:

Yes I made this while working on the Tracker context menus cause I needed the user to be able to change values and options and only then click on update pattern / synth :slight_smile: to make the changes

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Hello everyone ! I hope the crash has been fixed with the new update and that you like the new options and panels :slight_smile:

I noticed an other crash but this time it can be easily avoided until I send another fix. It happens when a patch is closed but only if the ‘Scope on MAJ’ option is enabled. I’m sorry about that ! I’ll send the next fix update this week or the one after.


You can check it out - the update has now hit the library :smile:

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@biset the changes you made look INSANE. thanks for taking user feedback serious. Killer module that I think will add a lot to live performance settings to make modular feel just a touch more accessible visually. Thanks!


I tried to post an issue in github but it wouldn’t post , with the Tracker module , when I use Tracker control and feed it Phase there is a difference in how the sequence progress if it is in song or pattern mode. song mode is insanely fast … I need to divide the phase by some number to get it somewhat the same but couldn’t find an exact number.

I guess that the song is quite longer than your patterns ? The idea of the phase mode is that 0v is the beginning of the pattern / song while 10v is the end so that you can use an LFO to move the playhead (Ramp up / saw lfo but you can also use triangle or sine to get crazy). Now, most of the time, the song / timeline view is used to create a longer sequence which means that your ramp LFO will take the same time to read the song than it would take to read a small pattern, thus, reading the song way faster (in terms of rhythm and not time).

So that was the desired behavior of the phase mode even if it was more though for reading pattern than song, you really need to think this mode as a playhead input mode :slight_smile:

Can you, in this specific case, use the other modes ? The 96 clock mode is quite precise even with BPM modulation and most clock generators can handle it. Still with phase mode, you can try to do it the other direction, by using a really slow phase to drive the song and multiply it to drive your other sequences. When I played with phase on the Tracker, I found out that it was way easier and ‘weird behavior’ proof to use phase multiplication than phase division