Binaural Beats Setup

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a module that can add and substract in hz from oscillators. Just so I can, for example, have a 4hz beat from a 100hz oscillator, where one output is substracted 2 hz (98hz) and the other added 2hz (102hz).

And no, I don’t want to just have two oscillators with those frequencies for reasons that are beyond the scope of this Topic.

By finding a module that can add-substract, the possibilities expand exponentially.


Use 2 frequency shifters in parallel?

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I didn’t know that module - I would have done this:

log2((((261.626*pow(2,w)) - 2)/261.626))
log2((((261.626*pow(2,w)) + 2)/261.626))
                            ^change this for beat freq.

261.626 is the frequency of the oscillator base frequency in Hz - the standard in VCV is C4=261.626 Hz (= 0V).

How can I make it w Oscillator that doesn’t have v/oct? Through the fm?

If you turn the fm in fully up, I believe it is v/oct (which is a ratio)

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I don’t think there is a standard for fm in VCV Rack - some developers may make linear FM - some logarithmic FM. You have to look in their manual or ask for a specific module to figure out the relation between voltage and frequency.

1 V/Oct is a standard in rack Voltage Standards - VCV Rack Manual

To use the NYSTHI LFO … I would set the frequency to C4 261.6256 Hz and the “FM CV VCA” to 1. then you can input 1 V/Oct to the FM.

I have never used it as a VCO though…

Thanks Jens, much appreciated.

btw, can I import an equation like Zn+1 = Zn * sin (Zn)
in there? I tried but it isn’t working.


w * sin(w)

the docs

But hey, don’t know exactly what it means? (what is n - and Z0) ? I’m quite bad at maths, studied maths and chemistry but failed maths miserably at university. :slight_smile:

I can’t think of a way to turn that into waveforms.

Ah the famous Mandelwave, where you can keep on zooming :wink:

I think that’s a simple ring-modulator, yes?

Maybe… I never thought of it like this :slight_smile: I will do some simple tests. Thanks!

yes, a frequency shiftier is usually a ring modulator with a bunch of extra stuff to turn the two bands into one. If you just want to two bands then it’s easy.

if you have two freq, f1, and f2, a frequency shifter will output f1 + f2 or f1 - f2. a ring modulator always puts out (f1 + f2) and (f1 - f2).

In case it isn’t clear, “ring modulation” is AM, and frequency shifter is “single sideband modulation”.

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Don’t know if this is what you’re asking for, but you can use the “Alikins::Specific Value” module. You can type directly into the “HZ” textbox:

In most oscillators you can also type a frequency directly, by right-clicking on the frequency knob: