Bidoo Zoù Maï won't reset.

I just tried the Bidoo Zou Mai sequencer too see if it’s basic functions (sync, run, reset) would work and on my system (win 10, VCV Vst, Bitwig) the reset function of the sequencer doesn’t work, nor the global reset, nor the individual ones. Same goes for the standalone VCV. Anybody else have the same issue??

I haven’t but @bidoo is on the forum from time to time if memory serves.

Pretty sure I’ve heard people say this before about Zou Mai.

Looks like Zou Mai has a few issues currently, here is one that looks sort of in the same corner as the OPs issue: zOu MAi Operational Problems · Issue #164 · sebastien-bouffier/Bidoo · GitHub

Are you saying that you don’t have the reset problem? Or that you’ve no idea?