Bidoo Zou Mai: Sequencer Manual

Hi @bidoo,

Looks like you put a lot of love into the reborn Zou Mai module. :+1: But I can’t make out the new functions/features. There’s no manual on the github wiki either.

Is there a manual or tutorial coming?



Hi @therealkitman, I hope this video how to zoù maï will help. Cheers


That looks incredible! I’m a big fan of bordl so I’m looking forward to this.

Thanks for coming over to the forum.

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Thanks @bidoo, I’ll have a watch this week.

Hi, maybe a silly question, but i want to copy a trig, track or pattern, now what does “over” mean? over+C, over+P etc… , thanks !


It seems to mean “mouse over” and “press key”

move the mouse cursor over knob #58 (below “PTRN”), and press “R” to randomize PATTERN



you can also position the mouse over any of the step buttons and press one of the keys LISTED IN “Trig”, to work with that step.


Finally, place the mouse pointer over one of the track buttons, and press one of the listed keys, to work with the TRACK

AFAIK, there is no UNDO.

(I have to get to know this module better)


It’s not difficult to add undo for “custom” edit actions, but you do need to remember to do it. Unlike the normal parameters where you get undo for free.

Thank you for the tutorial Jens! All clear now (Omri had helped me in the mean time) Maybe adding the word “mouse” would do not any harm :slight_smile:

Is enCore meant to replace Zou Mai completely? Is there a significant difference between them?


that’s weird. It’s like the whole manual for enCORE is missing.

I like to think that this is a version of Zou Mai that is made for me :

It provides a steady clock when you clock it with a 32X clock.

Read all about it in the Github link :sunglasses:


From Bidoo/ at v2 · sebastien-bouffier/Bidoo · GitHub :

v2.0.17 (21/07/2022)

  • enCORE sequencer is a sibling of zOù MAï the difference is the clock management since enCORE needs 32 clock pulses per step so it is less precise in terms of step length/trim/retrig etc… but it does not suffer of bpm calculation changes on startup between the three first clock ticks.

Does anyone know if the triggers on the encore/zou mai are broken? If i de-activate a trig in the step seq, i cant re-activate it to play again?