biDoo zOu MAi and enCore

Can someone explain to me the differences between the zOu MAi and enCore sequencers from biDoo? I have a small handle on how zOu MAi works, but I’m having some issues with using enCore (enCore 32ppqn?) (these camelcase plugin names make this post look like a ransom letter :grinning:)

Encore was made for me, because I complained about Zou mAi not syncing properly when you start a project.

Encore has a 32x clock input and is steady as a rock.

32x is so much better for VCV.

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Got it, that makes sense. Any suggestions as to a clock that works well with it? Or am I missing something with Clocked and Clockd (my go-tos)

On Clocked turn off “output High etc” and turn on On Start “Send Reset pulse” and On Stop like below :

And set one of the clocks to x32

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Thanks! I see what I was doing wrong

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Apparently, after the last update (2.025 I think) the Zou Mai trigger buttons no longer work with a mouse click, and the trigger buttons 3 and 4 on track 2 of Encore are not working with a mouse click on my Win10 VCV Pro. Something went wrong!

Funny that just when you want to use a module, an update causes a BUG, let us hope Andrew will update the version soon.

it works on vcv1

Seriously, how long does it take for an update to go through? It’s been days now… Maybe the developer could put up a compiled version on his GitHub.

You could ask Seb (Bidoo) for a compiled version on Github ( He’s a very nice guy) , but for it to be released in VCV he’s dependent on Andrew to compile and release it (mostly once a week on Sunday).