Bidoo Limonade: Manual?

Hi @bidoo , do you have a manual for this cool extra ordinary (wavetable?) module?

I do understand some of it, but the most little icons remain a mystery :smiley:

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i was just hinted now by another member of fb group to the video that you have made a while ago,
had not seen it yet.

It’s quite helpful! :slight_smile:


It’s a lack of manual that makes it mostly undiscovered. Could do with some exploring and write ups from content creators for sure!

Sorry, I’m being a total amateur…is there a Windows build of this? I can’t see it on the Bidoo page in the plug-in manager. I haven’t compiled anything in Linux for years, maybe I should start!

you can add the plugin from the library on
then sync your plugins in VCV Rack, the modules will show up after they are downloaded by VCV and unpacked at next application restart.

His listed last changes explain most of it’s operation pretty well???

20/11/2018 => 0.6.23

NEW liMonADe additive osc + wavetable synth. On the right side stand the usual controls for the oscillator. On the left side stand commands to manipulate the frames and the wavetable. From top to bottom and left to right :

samples per frame (textbox) - frame selector
load sample into wavetable - load png into wavetable - load sample into frame
morph frames - morph spectrum - morph spectrum phase constant - delete morphing
normalize all frames - remove DC offset of all frames - normalize wavetable - normalize frame
window wavetable - smooth wavetable - window frame - smooth frame
add frame - remove frame
number of voices - voices detuning (voices detuning input)


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Yes tree v1.0

Added from the library also.

I did get most of it from the video as well. But that write up will come in handy, thanks!

Ah, I was being a moron. I’ve updated and got it now… this looks worthy of some serious noodling. We are spoilt for wavetable synths in rack these days!


Definitely good for your thirst this VCO!

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