Bidoo bordL: Clocking bordl with another sequencer

hello friends!

i have been banging my head against the wall to find a solution for my problem, and now turn to the wizards of the VCV for guidance.

Is it possible to trigger the 3 pulses on step four in bordL, with only the one trigger from trigseq64? as marked with green in the picture, instead of a wall of text trying to explain what i am trying to do :slight_smile:

No, this is not how it works AFAIK, it does not output 3 pulses, but it NEEDS 3 pulses/triggers/gates before it advances to the next note.

Yes, that i do understand, i was wondering, if anyone had any kind of idea of a way to patch it to my preference :slight_smile:

So you want 1 1 1 3 as the gate. Make them all 3 pulses leave the gate as is in your picture, multiply the BPM x3 and I think your there…

Edit , nah that only works if you use the internal BordL clock…
So my answer is “I don’t know”

neither do i friend, neither do i. i want it to play each step in time with the clock and subdivide the pulses inbetween the steps. thank you for your time :orange_heart:

If you want to ratchet individual steps add a faster clock to the G1 or G2 inputs and set the individual step to your chosen G1 or G2. It doesn’t quite solve the 1113 but will subdivide individual steps.

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Genius! Thank you mr. Wizard! i guess i can use the cv channel to control two rotating clock dividers, and patch them to G1 and G2 for even and uneven division.


you can take the impromtu clocked and route it like the picture:

Yep that is almost what I did, but I moved on to bigger things…
namely… how to play the second step of BordL after a reset :wink:
This is harder than you think…(But it works great with G1 and G2 )