Bezier random oscillator

Interesting idea for applying bezier curves to generate smoothish modulation

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I like the idea ! (maybe one day… I have a couple of bezier modules)

but IIRC my Soy Model Sou, in the smooth section modulation 1 contains already a simple bezier smoother (for the random signal)

Oh, that’s cool.

I use an oversampled bezier in “Shaper” for the “Smooth” distortion, and the soft knee curve in my compressors is a bezier. Of course this module is much different. nice.

I love Bezier curves. Coming from a (one) background of 3D modelling and animation, I have used Bezier curves a lot. My modules make use of fractal Brownian motion (fBm) or 1/f time correlated pseudorandom noise to make my modules “meander” smoothly and nicely. My fBm library uses quintic interpolation to smooth, continuous (differentiable) transitions from one value to another. In the beginning, around 1987 or so, I used exponential smoothing to do things similar to using a Bezier curve in industrial engineering, music and graphics.

While I was writing Drifter I stumbled upon the existence of the Smoothstep algorithm, which seemed far easier for smoothing out otherwise linear transitions than Bezier, albeit far less expressive. Here’s my code for it in Drifter. There’s a link in there to the Wikipedia article.

Yep, sigmoid functions are another transition smoothing tool that I have used a lot in all disciplines. They are very handy.