Better way to add controlled randomness to a sequencer output

This idea can be applied to a lot of things, where you want to add a bit of random to something ordered. I did it with a ML S&H 8 followed by a Nysthi ConstAddMult. The randomness is scaled and then added to the sequencer CV, before being quantized.

Is there such a thing as ‘take a CV, and add random offset’ module? I’m betting there is :wink:

RandomizePitch.vcv (2.6 KB)

@almostEric Frozen Wasteland Probably Note adds randomness but it randomizes the output of the quantizer. It also introduces a probabalistic spread, and it’s a great module. I post this so Eric doesn’t have to :wink:

A self contained polyphonic “wiggle this CV a bit” module sounds like an easy implementation and a useful module.

Geodesics Fate and Vult Dopamine spring to mind.

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This one can add a little bit of random or fixed voltages to a polyphonic signal.

Edit: Oh, I think it is monophonic on the input side. then maybe not. sorry

Definately Geodesics Fate, also ML Evolution which takes a bit more training to use but is great.

I think I did something like that recently by running VCV RANDOM through Bogaudio’s OFFSET.

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ML Evolution is really great. I was starting to type a “how-to” here, but that would be quite long. This is the short version (of how I use it)

Into A goes the regular sequence Into B you can choose your randomness source like: -anything that’s random -the same sequence you have going into A, but with an offset (in time, or in pitch) -the output of output 2 (with the offset set to, let’s say, 3) (or even better, modulate that)

Have Mix set to 1. Modulate Parent (closer to A, less change, closer to B, more change) Play around with Replace

This will give you more or less randomized evolution of your initial sequence.

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? or add S+H to taste

1hp shorter and 1 less module :slight_smile:


Yeah, but I use this for “CV Wiggle”, originally for pitch in lieu of LifeFormModular’s Drift

i just did this yesterday evening, very interesting the combinaison of DejaVu and Marbles.

DejaVu add the repetition in the randomness, and Marbles add a kind of melody/continuity in the randomness, so every set of note (the seed) generate by DejaVu is not so discontinuous from the precedent set of note.

randomizer.vcvs (9.5 KB)


It really is. Evolves and falls back, evolves again…

Try this one for instance:

(ADDR-SEQ, right-click, range=+/- 1V)

When you’re in the phase of dialing in your random source, you temporarily crank Replace to 1, and Parent to B, on the Evolution, until you have it right, and then dial them back again.

There’s a manual for it but you still need to mess around with it to get it:

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My demo of using ML Modules::Evolution from today: