Best way to record Polyphonic signal to disk?

Not sure which category this goes under, but I’m using VCV Console (yay!) and two channels are a polyphonic stereo pair. I’d like to record it as 2 channels – i.e. a stereo pair, with the Vult multitrack recorder.

VCV console does what I want – sums the polyphonic signals to mono, but what happens when I plug the poly signals into Vult Multitrack Recorder? I suppose I could use an instance of VCV Console JUST to sum them to mono but that seems kind of over the top…

Use VCV Split to convert your poly cable into two channels, and patch each one into the stereo recorder.
When you play it back, use VCV Merge to “mux” back into a poly cable.

Edit: Do you mean NYSTHI Multitrack Recorder? There’s a new NYSTHI Polyphonic Recorder module that would better solve this.

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I figured it out. VCV Console accepts poly inputs but the channel outputs are summed to mono

Please try this method from me:


I didn’t understand what the Nysthi poly recorder did, and this explains it.
I use Wav Agent for splitting the multichannel Wav. It lets you split files but you cab configure it to make stereo files from stereo pairs. s

I have tried this, but can only end up with a mono 1-track file from the original recording, not a multitrack file. Would you look at my patch and tell me where I’ve gone wrong?

Haha that VCV file makes my Linux version dump core!

Oops, sorry, what did I do? I should have mentioned Windows, but assumed that really didn’t matter…

DId you use a tool like WavAgent or RME’s multichannel wave file processor

If you play a Broadcast Wave file in a program that doesn’t support multichannel audio, it may only play the first pair of channels.

Yes, using the RME to try to split the file

OK Did my own test and A) If you combine the polyphonic stereo pair with a merge into a poly signal, it makes a 2 channel output with just the first voice of each channel.

B) The only thing that seemed to work properly is using VCV Console to sum the poly signals and then record with a monophonic 2 channel Nysthi Master Recorder 2.

It works even better if you use the Nysthi “Poly” Recorder instead of the “Mono” Recorder. [pounds face on desk]

User error. I spent enough years in IT support, I shoulda known to check ‘first things’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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no worries, poly really messes us I think)