Best way to package VCV patch + samples?

This inspired by this blog post by Dan Carr in which he re-creates Music For Airports 1/2, which Eno made with 8 tape loops of sparse piano.

I have a VCVRack patch that uses these samples to re-play Eno’s track, but if I want to share it, I also have to share the samples.

What I’ve noticed is that there’s really no standard for sample reference. In @synthi’s Connfusing Simpler, there’s a file ID – which is a cached copy of the loaded sample file, and the original filename, with no path component.

In practice I can package up a set of samples with a Rack patch but it looks as though every person who wants to use the patch has to re-load all the samples one at a time.

What do people do in this case? Is there a standard for paths to samples? Should there be?

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If i see that one project “select-fundamental” from, then u need just
1 Folder, with the project and a Samples-Folder with the Samples inside.

But i dont know how sample-grabbing of different Modules work.
They should found the Samples Folder and load Samples automatic into the Modules.

For that matter @synthi should there be a way to specify where to put your sample cache!

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There was a GitHub issue (closed without implementing) regarding patch assets which might be relevant:

I’ll think about it :ok_hand:

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What would cool if there was an additional save project audio menu option to save all loaded sample data and patch to a folder in the provided patch folder. It wouldn’t matter what sampler was being used. The Samplers would always load from that folder if save as and option. Logic Audio, Cubase and other DAW’s that I have used provided that option.