Best way to install V2 alongside existing V1

So, I’ve purchased the new Pro version and when I open up VCV v1.1.16, I see the dot to upgrade v1 to v2. But, I know that all the v1 modules were not upgraded to v2.

Question: Before I dig my grave and destroy all of my previous work with v1, what do the testers recommend as the best way to migrate to a v2 environment including installing the VST.

V2 installs in separate folders.

Can confirm, there is a new installation folder and a new user folder. Nothing is overwritten.

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just installed on windows through update prompt in 1.1.6 and now i have “VCV Rack” and “VCV Rack 2 Free” installed, so easy access to both v1.1.6 and v2(+).


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Also, most modules will be making the jump to v2. Like, the vast majority of them. Some may need to be adopted but I’d expect even the majority of those to come across, it’ll just take a bit longer.

Reading this is a major relief. Does anyone have trouble loading v1 projects into v2? My projects load almost empty aside from vcv modules even though I mostly use modules for which I’m sure have been updated for v2. I have received a notification that all my modules have been downloaded, but rack does not show them at all. Thanks!!

For some reason, when I download the Pro version from the link in my purchase e-mail, it doesn’t install the standalone application. It wants to install the free version. How can I get the Pro Standalone version?

VCV Rack 2 Pro = free standalone + VST + pro support

There is no pro standalone


o! That would explain it. Thanks!

@Kama, I think server issues are still affecting plugin downloads even when you get past the initial query; like, it can report that it’s completed but only have downloaded two or three. Have you looked in the \plugins directory inside your user folder? That will tell you definitively what’s been downloaded and installed successfully (“installed” meaning just uncompressing the plugin files and copying them into the right place, of course).

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I had to go to Library>Update All to load the v2.0 modules. Plain sailing after that.