Best way to check if a file has changed?


I have some newer modules that utilize user-editable external text files. People have requested that these files be automatically loaded if they’ve been updated while a patch is running. I’m sure that someone’s solved this already, so I thought I’d ask the community – What’s a good approach to this?


VCV-Prototype used efsw


Ah, thanks! I’ve never heard of that before. I’ll give it a shot.

Does someone have a few minutes to help me understand something that I’ve never really worked with before? I’m hoping to use the efsw library, as @Jens.Peter.Nielsen suggested, but I don’t know how to add it to my project.

When I look at VCV-Prototype, there’s a item called “efsw” in the repository which, one clicked, opens up the efsw project in github. Is this a “submodule”? (And if so, what steps should I take to include it in my code?)