Best practices for playing with v1 beta and an existing account

Hi all, just started playing with v1 beta and tried searching for my question, no luck.

How can I test v1+ plugins in the beta without logging in? I figure there’s no sense cluttering up the beta with my previous plugins so I’ve been building and installing them in the plugins dir. What I’ve built isn’t showing in Rack v1b. Thoughts? Thanks.


Hi, plugins in Rack v1 are stored in a folder plugins-v1 not plugins. Maybe you copied your files into the wrong folder?

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Oh, huh! I see that now. It’s in the original Rack folder. I copied my v1 plugins into that folder. Does that seem reasonable to you?

Yes, that should work. Although it should not cause any problems when you login to the library, it will only download your plugins which are already ported to v1.

Oh, interesting! Thanks again.