Best practice for saving patches that refer to audio files?

What are your best practice for saving patches that refer to audio files?

Just zip all files?

Anything esle?

I wish that the sampler modules (Nysthi) would save a path relative to the patch file, either by asking you to copy the file to that location or if the file already exists there, Instead of a absolute path.

But i think there were some technical difficulties with that or something.


I load it directly from my sample library then I use to write the samples path and names in a text module (also other details like bpm if I use an external sequencer )

I used to create a special “cache” directory and everything was there (and portable) but someone was crying and I removed the feature


hello @synthi , Are there any characteristics of the rack that make it impossible to use relative paths?

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Relative to what? The vcv patch file?

to the patch

(now I m remember something that Andrew said about zip the data for the next version )

I remember that too.

yes there will a kind of “CONSOLIDATE” save, where a compressed file will be created with all the needed resources

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Continuing this thread one year later:

My goal is to make sharing as easy as possible for patches, selections and presets that refer to audio files.

So I want to avoid absolute paths. For patches it is possible to read the path in the modules. For selections and presets I haven’t found a way to quest the path.

So I decided to define a subdirectory of userDir as location for audio files. I found out that VCV Recorder uses userDir/recordings for saving audio files.

So I think my Tape Recorder should use the same directory as VCV Recorder, although it should be possible to load/save audio files from elsewhere in the filesystem.

Ever path pointing inside userDir/recordings will be written as filename or <subdirectories>/filename and on the other hand, paths located elsewhere will be written as absolute paths. The latter patches, selections and presets will not be shareable because of these absolute paths.

What are your opinions?