Best practice for a large latch button

This is the pushbutton code I have in my module:

addParam(createLightParamCentered<VCVLightLatch<LargeSimpleLight<RedLight>>>(mm2px(Vec(HP*3, HP*17)), module, SaveMeMonoWide::RECORD_PARAM, SaveMeMonoWide::LED_RECORD_PARAM));

But it’s small and I want a huge button on my module. A very big one. Almost 4HP big. Is there a simple way to make this bigger?

I checked the standard component library and studied the source of VCV Fundamental Logic as well as Impromptu’s BigButton code. But I really want to avoid wasting code lines (and time) for this if there’s a nice workaround.

I develop the dimensions graphically, and then in the code I recall the element of the dimension I want.

In this case, I would take the VCVLightLatch, make it giant on Inkscape (doing some math to not change it hundreds of times), and save it for example as DR4GiantLatch.

in the plugin.hpp file, I would do something like: struct DR4GiantLatch : VCVLightLatch, I would enter the path of the svg file, and then in the module .cpp file, I would replace VCVLightLatch with DR4GiantLatch.

It will most likely not be the best or fastest method, but it is the only one I know of.