Best delay module for vocals

Hello again, I have been using NYsthi Quad Simpler and loading up vocal samples, I am looking for a delay module that will give a long delay with a long tail off, any recommendations?

Maybe this isn’t helpful, I’ll admit I’m guessing what you mean by long delay with long tail, but maybe Chronoblob set to have high feedback and adjusted to have a long delay repeat time. :slight_smile:

AS delay+ has 10 seconds of delay as does the Fundamental delay.

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Thanks in between people answering, I did some testing of about 12 ish delay modules and Chronoblob and AS Delay plus FX both stereo and mono, worked the best, especially when you connect them together, opens up another tunnel of sound maltreatment! It’s the devil inside of me! Who had a track called that in early 2000s?

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