Best Budget Studio Monitors

Hi again, VCV Racks’s Noob here, I am currently looking into purchasing some studio monitors/speakers with a budget of around £110. I was wondering if anyone can recommend me some that are of good quality (must have good bass). Thank you for your time.

If you meant 110 per speaker i can really recommend these:

£110 If you mean per speaker, I like the way that Mackie CR5-X sound, and if you mean for a pair, maybe the Mackie CR4-X. The PreSonus Eris E4.5 might be an OK choice for around that price.

These are a step above whatever random computer speakers you have, but proper studio monitors cost way more money.

If you’re that limited on budget, I’d look around for some used monitor speakers.

this is exactly what I was thinking!

I think i may go for the M Audio BX4s

Unfortunately im restricted to 110 for both speakers :frowning:

I dont actually have any speakers other than cheap £15 Bluetooth speakers so I mainly use my headphones, so any speakers will be a step up. However I do want fairly decent ones with punchy good quality bass.

This is why I chose the M Audio bx4s

For a good and punchy bass 4" tweeters aren’t big enough. Maybe you can save a bit more and wait untill you can afford some better speakers

I will write back if I change my mind about the speakers or require further assistance. Thank you all for your time. :slight_smile:

I do not yet take my music seriously as I mainly mess around and have fun so it remains a hobby. This is the reason why I do not want to spend over my budget.

Plus, I make my music in a cramped up bedroom, so I do not wish or need to get bigger speakers, as the sound may bounce off the walls. Even if not, I don’t want anything louder because it may disturb my family and neighbours.

Thank you for your time and help anyway!!! :grinning:



I considered these speakers first but I heard they give off loud acoustic sound when no audio is being played.

Good speakers, in my humble opinion, are for example the Elac ELR 115, which you could obtain for around € 114 at Ebay. They were produced from 1991 to 96, contain 2 (!) 165 mm woofers each with their own bass reflex chamber and resonance pipe as well as a single tweeter. 63 l volume, 17 kg each!

They are able to produce more bass than you (and your neighbors) can ever handle. Oh I almost forgot to mention: I own a pair since back then and wouldn’t give em away for any newer speaker system :wink:


i have these, and that is not true, at least until today they don’t

I would spend the money on some decent headphones if that’s the budget. You can get a good pair for £100 but for speakers you’re not going to get much.

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I already have good headphones but I want also some speakers.

Save up for at least 5" monitors. I guess you have a relatively small room, so 7" or 8* are not really necessary. Of course you are missing out on the low frequencies, but you can upgrade that later on with a sub, if your really feel the urge. I’d highly recommend giving a listen to the Rokit RP5 G4. The come for 300 Euro a pair. I had a very pleasant listen at the Thomann Headquarters comparing them to the Yamaha HS7. It really depends on what you want to have. And on top of that give your budget another 100 Bucks if you don’t have an audio-interface yet.

But as always with speakers. Give them a listen before you buy, or order at Thomann and send them back if you don’t like them.