Bernoulli Gate: Making drum fills

Hi all ! In my video for the VCP 35 challenge, i came up with a technique that works very well for making drum fills. As suggested by @mixer, I’m making a Thread where we can discuss about it and share other techniques maybe.
So the basics of this technique are :

  • choose the drum you want to affect ( can be any, your kick, snare, hats etc…)
  • choose a fast multiplied clock ( x4 or x8 , depending on your bpm)
  • pass that signal through a bernoulli gate
  • (optional) assign a midi knob to the bernoulli gate probability

So now, if probability is 0 you will get no drum (for example no snare in my vid) and at the maximum probability, you’ll get a drum fill :smile: It’s very good for drops in techno imo !
Also anywhere in between 25% and 50% will give you a nice rythm :slight_smile:

Et voila! here you go ^^ . Maybe this technique is really obvious (i bet i’m not the first to discover this), but i haven’t seen it much before.

and here is my video for an example :