Believability of sample players cutoff, attack and decay

So lets say i sample my monosynthesizer (i dont have any experience of sampling) and for the purpose of loading the samples to a sample player so i can play my sample pack as if it where a polyphonic synthesizer. How realistic would you say the sample players that you are using in vcv rack is on emulating cutoff, attack and decay compared to a live synth and compared to other sample players in Daws or standalone hardware?

(i dont have experience playing sample players either=)

I don’t quite understand the question. If you sample a waveform and place in Sickozcell Sampler it has a complete VCA and ADSR envelope and accepts v/oct input. You would not know the difference, they would generally be identical.

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Yes i can believe that. The ADSR yes and i am happy that you confirm half of my beliefs, hopes and dreams regarding sampling . How about the Cutoff then (VCF)? How close to the real thing are we with that? what would a doglike superhero have to say about a sampled filter sweep?

I would not waste time with that truly, just send the sampler into a cool VCV filter like Tangents or the WASP and make your hardware jealous of the thick nasty filter you can sweep in digital.

Woow, really. Is it so? Can it REALLY BE SO??

waste time with what exaclty. What i mean is to filter sweep the sample. I think you thought i meant the opposite to sample with different filter settings?

wow thats crazy. I am in total chock now. Would be so cool to suddenly also have an analog polyphonic in the computer for free. so now the boutuiqe juno is basically out of the question.

For reals it’s way possible to have a decent analog-ish synth you would enjoy playing or sequencing and the sequencing possibilities in VCV are bonkers great.

If you get into VCV I would spend a little to try Host and look at the myriad vsts out there that also do great stuff, my current new favorite is the free Arturia Analog Lab V Play, just presets with a handful of cool parameters on knobs, can be modulated by rack tools too.

Never a better time to play free analog wanna be synths. They are fun and great sounding, if not exactly analog sounding, they could fool about 99.9% of listeners

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Yes truly. That why I came here. For sequencing and utilities. Also I would like to FM my semimodular with some vcv generated waveforms and I am really curious how a vcv wavefolder would fold an analog waveform. Did you experience either of those?