Behringer Wasp Desktop Analog Synthesizer

Hello there and friendly greetings!

As per title: I have found a squeaky clean, brand new Behringer Wasp Desktop Analog Synthesizer at my local music store for €145. Brand new.

This is the price at SWEETWATER, shipping excluded.

I love the fat sound of that synth! Do you think €145 it’s a honest price for a brand new gear, considering I won’t have to pay shipping and it will be eventually mine all mine in a matter of few minutes?

I am literally drooling here but I am also biting the bullet waiting for some comment from more expert rackheads… :yum: Please bring me good news (but sincere news!)

Thanks in advance!

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The Behringer Wasp has been going at that lower price for a while. Haven’t got that model, but have heard good things and have several others of theirs (Pro-1, Model D, Crave, TD-3-MO, Edge, Neutron, Deepmind) and they’re decent synths. I don’t personally care how authentic their sound, they’re great value for money.

At the same shop I’ve seen a Neutron and a Deepmind but it’s the Wasp that I’m in love with… :heart_eyes:

As far as the videos on YT say, the electronics are the same: the analog part is coupled with digital OSCs and the sounds are fantastic at least to my ears. I know that I am not objective at all, that’s why I am asking the community.

I have to strongly hope that my debtors pay me quickly and in full. :crossed_fingers: