Behringer UMC1820 ADAT IO on linux

Hi, anyone had luck setting up behringer UMC1820 on linux,

The max I got was taking 4 inputs from ES-3 [input 5-8] to work, the rest is not working, alsa is used in audio driver. Tried jack, but nothing works when jack is connected. Maybe misconfiguration, if possible please share any configurations that was done

I have ES-3 and ES-6, hopefully want to be able to use them.


Lightpipe can carry eight channels of uncompressed digital audio at 24 bit resolution at 48,000 samples or four channels at 96,000 samples per second.

My guess is you’re at 96k

makes sense, but I set the sample rate to 48 in audio module, still. or do I have to write something to some configuration file ?

There is no configuration for that device (apart from standard asoundrc)

Just try it?