Behringer TD-3 knobs won't map

I have my TD-3 connected via USB and cannot map it’s knobs. I’ve tried VCV MIDI-Map and stoermelder MIDI-CAT.

What am I missing?

Do the knobs send MIDI CCs? I don’t think so…

The Behringer TD-3 knobs are fully analog, which means it’s not possible to use them to send MIDI -CC


That make sense, I’ve so much to learn.

My new controller (Behringer xTouch mini) just arrived:

  • in stoermelder MIDI-CAT everything works great
  • in VCV MIDI-Map the “push” of the encoders and the touch pads won’t map

that’s because of how those values are sent - vcv offers a couple of different modules each with different uses: midi-cc and midi-gate. midi-cat combines the functionality into a single module.