Behringer Odyssey: audio over usb

Good morning

Does anyone know how to figure out if the Behringer Odyssey supports audio over USB?

I do not currently own an audio interface with XLR input, so USB is my only option. I would like to use the output in my DAW.


Other advice is also welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

No, there is no audio over USB, just MIDI.

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I have been looking more into this and am trying to understand what a setup would look like.

For now I see two options:

  1. Odyssey >> Audio Interface >> Audio Output
  2. Odyssey >> Audio Interface >> DAW >> Audio Interface >> Audio Output

With option 1, I will still be able to record stuff, but not be able to interact with my DAW.

So, option 2 would be more desirable, but is this realistic - lagwise - on a modest laptop?

Thanks again for your advice!

You’ve probably figured this out by yourself, but just in case: that synth also has an audio 1/4" jack output. It’s not balanced like the XLR output and the signal is lower (-20dbU rather than +4dbU, it says here) but (depending on your soundcard inputs) it could work anyway for you.

I’m not familiar with DAWs so I can’t help you with the rest. Other people may help you but they may need some more details (your OS, your soundcard, more precise specs about your laptop, what DAW you’re using…)

The audio 1/4" jack output looks like something to look into indeed.

I currently have:

  • Windows 10
  • Ableton Live
  • Acer Aspire i7 with 8GB RAM (very modest indeed)
  • NI Kontrol Z1 which I use as audio interface, this MIDI controller does not have any inputs.

Things I want to get:

  • Audio interface
  • Analogue synth