Behringer 960?

Can anyone suggest the closest VCV sequencer module to the Behringer 960 ( * Authentic reproduction of the discrete circuitry from the Modular 55 Series)? I’m wanting to experiment with Berlin School sequencing. In order to add the 960 to my physical rack I would need another external enclosure.

I’ve got a hardware 960 and it’s a fairly basic sequencer, but the main feature it has that few VCV Rack modules have is the ability to set a step to be completely skipped, that’s the reason I kept the hardware as it lets you introduce some interesting changes to the whole sequence quickly. I’ve only seen step skip on/off on the ML premium modules

but, not having bought them I can’t say how good they are. I also don’t know what other free sequencer modules may have that.

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The Squonk can do skips and got multiple rows, you can’t run them at different speeds, though.


Thanks for the tips, looking at SQUONK now. It definitely offers a good starter way to play with Berlin school ratchets. I have had trouble getting these ratchets as easily on my Nerdseq. Though I know it can probably do them.

Top row of Programmer controls step ratcheting



Also Bidoo :: dTroy, being a clone of Metropolis, offers advanced control of ratchets, skips etc. of each step, plus saved patterns:


Not sure how the Bidoo sequencers passed me by, but I’ve been playing with dTrOY and zOu MAi this morning and having a blast. Just jamming on having one set of those sequencers for supplying MIDI to tracks and another set of the more esoteric ones like the Path Set ones and then flitting between who is sending what to which channel. It’s great fun, bit like DJ-ing when you’d set up and prep one track while the other is going then crossover and you can even bring something like bernoulli gate to the party to handle switching gate supply.