Behringer 1820 on MacOS X stutter or broken audio

Hi, I have a setup with VCV rack, eurorack ES-3/6. and Behringer UMC1820.

The problem I’m having is that the audio is broken (just stuttering bleeps of high frequency or completely quiet) if the sample rate is below 2000 completely, and it stutters with audio present if above. Anyone having the same issue ? I tried different audio modules but they produce the same result

Any solutions ? would really like to use a mac, it works well on windows but windows have tons of other issues that is unrelated directly to audio. I tried to find drivers for mac, but there is none it seems


it seems like a driver problem

Does the Behringer UMC1820 go this low? Unusual sample rates are not tested by VCV and may cause many problems.

on windows it works with any sample rate, sometimes problematic with lower, but better with higher