Behaviour around edges of the screen

Is there any way to change how VCV behaves when I click near the edge of the screen? I don’t have a big screen, I tend to fill the rack to the edge of the screen. Now if I click on a socket right near the edge, the rack gets moved sideways as if I was reaching for something beyond the edge of the screen.

I’d like to change the behavior so nothing scrolls until I the mouse pointer actually hits the edge of the screen. Another option would be the possibility to “anchor” one of the corners of the screens. Any chance these things can be tweaked by users?

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I second that request to anchor a corner. I want modules to always be in the same place on screen for performance purposes, so that when I want to tweak a certain parameter I can be certain its knob is in exactly the same place, and I find my modules sliding around. Being able to lock the top left module in place at the top left of my screen would be really great.

Hadn’t signed up on github yet, thank you for the link. It’s good to know it’s not just me!