Beginning a Blade Runner Style Patch

Here’s a YouTube copy of the Twitch stream from today, where I start making a Blade Runner patch, with EvenVCO and Ev3 providing the voices.


Hey, you got pretty far with it Paul! That’s a great old Vangelis tune, love it.

Thanks a lot for the tutorial @PaulPiko :+1:, 'cause thanks to it i’ve learned how to use piano roll to change the octaves in other piano roll sequences (among other things) … So i’ve captured the video to be part of my personal VCV Rack video library :blush: (i hope you don’t mind).

Nice music, this is also one of my favorite Vangelis songs, so watching how it is created is a real privilege for a beginner like me :blush:

Hi Lars,

Thanks. It’s heading the right way. I think the lead is close, but the bass needs some tweaking. Oh, and the rest of the track :wink: . But the stream was getting a little long, so I’ll continue another day (or just post the highlights).

I’m happy you found the video useful. It’s not very exciting (IOW it’s long :wink: ). But I made it hoping someone would learn something from it, and you have! That makes it worthwhile.

I found VCV Rack at this time last year, and I knew nothing of making music or music theory or synths, and have plenty more to learn. A large portion of what I have picked up came from the community members sharing their knowledge. That method of note transposition (adding voltage to change the pitch of notes) came from a “Talking Rackheads” video :smile:.

It can be very daunting when you start. Please ask if you have any questions.

Vangelis is a favourite of mine too.