Beginner Question - Instro + others

Hello, I am new to VCV and still getting used to the quirks. I am on a Macbook pro M1 ARM and using VCV free. There are a lot of modules in the libary that I can not get to show up once I add them, Instro, NYSTHI for example.

My question is are these not loading because they are either not compatible with my version of VCV or not compatible with my system? I would love to try the Instro especially as I would possibly like to get a real one : )

It seems like if either were the case a simple solution would be to have a compatibilty by version or processer filter on the libary page.

VCV don’t lie,compatible as advertised

They are not yet ARM64 ready they will work on X64, but for ARM64 you have to wait until they are updated.


Basically intel chip vs macs new m chips

Yes X64


On this forum,when you delete a post,should be deleted in real time

Hi @Yeager thanks for the clarification! Hope they get updated. Is there anyway to see compatibility in the library?

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Not really, in this case both modules are closed source, this means that the vcv build team has to wait for the developers to add an ARM64 version.

But if you feel that you need the NYSTHI modules you can look (test) here :

For anyone interested it looks like either VCV updated the search results / module previews to contain an ARM compatibility indicator ( big red bubble with ARM crossed out ) or it was there already and I was blind. Either way its pretty helpful and if it was updated because of the post thank you very much and if it was by coincidence or already there, thank you very much. Now to building out my set.


Could you show me a screenshot of this ARM indicator, I’m on windows and want to know what to look for :smiley:

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Yep, it does appear that is was recently added to both the library and plugins pages. I’m on an Intel Mac, and it shows up; but I cannot say whether or not it appears on a Windows browser as well.


Thanks, no indicator here on Windows but that’s OK, happy that there is now an indicator for the lack of an ARM64 version, so the number of questions will go down concerning that. :+1:


I have it as well on my macOS + Chrome. What browser are you using? Try a hard refresh with Ctrl-Shift-R or Ctrl-Shift-F5.

Looks like the “biggest” ones missing from the ARM roster is NYSTHI and Instruo. It’s actually not many missing, very good!

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I don’t think Windows users are supposed to see it, it’s to no use to them. :man_shrugging: :sunglasses:

I agree that is the behavior, and it is probably the thinking behind the decision. But some of us use multiple platforms. I have a Windows desktop and MacBook Air. Or maybe a Windows user has a friend or student that uses Mac, and wants to make a recommendation. It still can be useful to show the indicator to all users.


You may be right, altough that would be incredibly silly in my view.

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