Before i fry my CPU

and off the back of recent discussions…

i got a quadcore AMD in my laptop, onboard graphics, if u seen any of my music posts thats the max patch size it can handle

once i max out can i edit the settings .json to 2 threads for more patchy goodness? how safe is it? is there anything i can do as precaution e.g - set up auto shutdown when CPU temp hits x amount?

thanks guys (and gals!) (sorry, couldnt resist lol)

Why? Just go to Engine > Threads > n

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Don’t worry too much about this, your computer will normally automatically shutdown if CPU temp reach a certain temperature


ahh so thats what that does! ive got a dropdown showing 1-4 so ive set it to 2 - max number of modules - cheers for responses guys :slight_smile:

edit - 2. most modules

and yay so far so good!

Desktop will always way outperform any thermally challenged laptop, and discrete graphics are pretty much a must (or turn frame rate (view menu) down to low

Yes, all true. Of course there are some laptops with good thermals, almost always callled “gaming” laptops, and never made by apple.


yay for more patchy goodness! this is my new maxed out - is there anyway i an engage threads 3/4? tried n it made no difference (quadcore cpu)

:confused: n as in number in your case the number of cores which is 1-4, if you want to spread it across all cores you select 4

Are you sure you have a 4-core processor? Or do you just have two cores with Simultaneous Multi Threading (e.g. Hyperthreading) enabled?

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btw, thanks for using Squinky Labs modules. I think I see three different ones here :wink:

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yeah, i checked on, its definitely 4 core/4 threads

So you’ve disabled SMT or the CPU doesn’t have it? What’s your CPU model?

It’s an a8-7410, no option for SMT/hyperthreading that I can see

Sorry yeah just checked online, smt/hyper not supported