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I’d say it’s always best to do previous-patch-effecting changes as an added option. So old patches always behave the same as when they were saved if possible.

The ideal scenario would be to have the DC offset removal as an option, which is on by default when a new instance is added from the library, but respect the state of existing patches (so if a patch is opened that was made when the VCO did not have the DC offset option, the DC offset would be off so it behaves the same.

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Sadly it doesn’t look like that’s an option AFAIK.

TLDR: EvenVCO hasn’t historically had a dataFromJson override, so doesn’t save a “data” field in JSON. The updated module can’t even try to check for the existence of a “Remove DC” parameter in old patches until the patch has been saved (by which time it’s too late as default “Remove DC = True” has been saved, rather than legacy behaviour).

I’m wary of making previous-patch-effecting changes, so maybe it’s best added as an option but default off. :confused: And I learn @dhemery’s lesson:

Lesson learned: Always override dataFromJson() to create a “data” field.


I was just thinking of this difficulty earlier today. I think the always override JSON is probably good advice. But I don’t always take it. Lately I’ve been declaring a param called “SCHEMA_PARAM” and I init it to 1. Then in the future if I need to update I can check for it, because it will actually be there. And of curse in “the future” I default it to 2.

There’s probably some butterfly effect reason why this won’t work, but I’m hoping it will.

BTW, when I “discovered” this DC business maybe a year ago I just updated all my VCOs to remove it, with no option. I’m not saying you should do that, but I had zero complaints.

It’s a tough choice - you don’t want to break old patches, on the other hand almost no-one is going to flip the new “correct” option on, so they will just get all the bad side effects of DC on the output.

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This has been mentioned elsewhere, but FYI there is now a working v2 branch: GitHub - hemmer/Befaco at v2

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Hi Hemmer - has the Even VCO sync been fixed now or is that still as it was?

Not yet I’m afraid (you might see from port tooltip!) - I actually don’t have the hardware so I might reach out to Manu and get that moving. That said, I think can get quite far just by following the Fundamental VCO-1 sync implementation. Just whenever I get a bit of time set aside. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I would copy the fundamental sync. It’s good and easy. When I made my EV3 I added sync, but I did I it a dumb way that is limited, but even so took me a long time to get right.