Befaco MIDI Thing 2 to have a “bridge mode for VCV Rack”

Not sure what that means, but the article on the Synthtopia site talks of this as one of four things Befaco is releasing at Superbooth 23 this week.

Befaco is introducing the MIDI Thing 2, a new, “sexier and more powerful” version of their MIDI Thing.

The MIDI Thing 2 is a 12-channel, fully configurable MIDI converter in just 6 HP. If features MIDI DIN, USB host and MIDI device connectivity, and a OLED screen to configure the ports as you like.

The module will feature monophonic and polyphonic modes, with built-in ADSR, LFOs and Oscillators. It will have a configuration Website, as well as a bridge mode for VCV rack.

MIDI Thing 2 will be available during Summer 2023, priced around 300€, tax included.


Interresting - and opensource like all their products I guess. (heres a link to the legacy Midi Thing 1 (v2.2) )