Befaco AC/DC, an open-source 4×4 audio interface for Eurorack

Great news for people wanting to have a hybrid VCV Rack/Eurorack system, if you find that Expert Sleepers hardware is too expensive/impossible/big to get hold of!


Assembled it costs more than I paid for an ES-3/ES-6 combo that gives me 6 inputs and 8 outputs. Literally width is the only benefit I see for it and even then it’s just 6 hp v 8 hp + 4 hp so only a 6 hp saving.

Maybe the Befaco is a better deal if you don’t already have an audio interface (as ES-3/6 uses ADAT) or are happy to assemble from a kit.

Of course. If you already have an ADAT audio interface the ES-3/6 combo makes a lot of sense. But if you don’t… well, the AC/DC is a standalone USB interface at a reasonable price and will probably satisfy the hybrid needs of 80% of users. And I love that it has an attenuator on each channel. Of course the ES-8 is the nearest competitor, but it can be difficult to get hold of and costs 25% more.