BeatStep Pro & KeyStep & Neutron & VCV Rack - Masrek

Not so long ago, the new Rescomb 2 filter from Vult was released, and oh boy, it’s a nice one.

It has so many sonic possibilities, and it integrates perfectly with other modules, adding this madness to the sound. So here I’m using it with Interzone from Valley and Incubus, also from Vult. The KeyStep is sequencing Incubus, but also controlling another voice in VCV Rack using the Kbd Play mode. The BeatStep Pro is sending 2 different sequences to the Neutron, and also sequencing some drums in VCV Rack. And the Midilar controller is controlling all sorts of parameters in VCV Rack like the volume of different voices, filters, and FM amount. This is not the direction I go in usually, but it was so much fun!