BBModules Mirror- Why is nobody talking about this?!

Apparently, there is a Disting-style multimode module for sale in VCV Rack named Mirror by BBModules. It has tons of utility, oscillator, effect, and envelope modes and it really reminds me of Disting.

For some reason though, I can’t find anything about it on the internet besides the Github page. No videos, no tutorials, nothing. This thing seems really powerful and I don’t understand why it’s basically unheard of.

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Must admit I’ve never tried it and I bought the bundle ages ago, have only really used Nodes and Nostromo. I think the fact there’s over 2,500 modules in the library might mean not everything gets its day in the sun no matter how cool.

Cheers though, will give it a go next time.

I completely missed these, all the modules look pretty interesting.

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The first Squinky Labs “product” was a firmware image for Disting with 16 pretty cool modules in it.