BBcut automated audio cutting gt

Hi guys i just wonder if anyone of you know or use bbcut?
wich is as fars as i understood bbcut is an automated audio cutting library for super collider
made by Nick collins
an example in browser
(upload a break in order to try it)

Bncut is an amazing tool for create complex break from breakcore or idm to extreeme glitchy sound
there is a vst based on this code (unfortunately for vcvhost user is only 32 bit)

I heard that prototype will read super collider code , woul be possible to use BBCut with it then?
would anyone be interested to port bbcut as module??
if somebody would do it i can help with ui design for free just pm me

bbcut cvable toghether with the amazing nisthy sampler would be an amazing way to achieve all sort of idm rythm

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I just found one working with pure data load a drum loops turn volume up then click on pd guts and edit number of subdivision i didnt manage yet to output to prototype but iā€™m trying