Bastl 60 Knobs?

Hello everyone! I got quite into modular thanks to vcv, in my current situation would be impossible to start buying any analog modules… so I’m into midi controllers! The main question is, would the Bastl 60 knobs work with vcv? I guess so, but just to double check… Could I map the whole 60 knobs with the Midi Map module? Would be enough a midi-to-USB cable to connect them? Many thanks!!!

Why not? In VCV you can map 16*128 knobs actually)

They say it can “control any device with midi input” so yes i think it should work :slight_smile:

Do you plan to buy a new one or second hand ? I’ve never built anything in DIY so i have no idea how hard it is hehe

Fantastic!, I will buy a new one, and actually I plant do some custom cover to imitate the modules, maybe is cooland handy afterwards

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I saw the instructables and looks doable, I’ll let you know

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