Basic question about polyphonic cables

Greetings again! I have a specific use case for using the only the most recently updated value in a polyphonic cable that I can’t find the right module for.

Basically, I want to use only the last inputted velocity value from my controller, as if it were monophonic. Currently, if I patch my (10 voice) polyphonic cable from the MIDI to CV velocity output into the CV input jack for filter cutoff in a monophonic filter, it uses the first value and waits to update once I play the key 9 more times.

In other words, If I have polyphony set to 10, I would want the subsequent 9 key presses to reflect each new velocity value.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I failed to find the answer I was looking for. Thanks in advance!

And bonus q: is using a polyphonic voice like FM-OP in say, 8 voice polyphony, the same CPU hit as using 8 mono FM-OPs?

not exactly, but kind of? Whereas a VCO like VCV VCO will use about the same CPU for 4 voices as for one, then will jump on the fifth.

Much more here: Demo/docs/ at main · squinkylabs/Demo · GitHub

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thanks for the link, good to know!

That whole repo is full of tidbits like that. There is a table of contents at the top level with hopefully some interesting stuff.

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have you tried all the 4 modes available?

IDK if there are some modules that can manipulate the behaviour


Yes, none of these get the results I’m looking for. I’ve also tried the SUM modules which, if summing velocity, would end up being close to 10v as you are adding up 10 key presses of varying voltage.

I was wrong, in testing once more reset mode does the trick well enough (but doesn’t do exactly as I described). Not sure how I missed it when I was clicking around initially. Thx!

I’m still curious if a module exists to create this behavior, as I can imagine it being useful in certain niche cases. For instance, doing something similar to what I described in the OP but using a chordal module or sequencer to generate poly v/oct, gate or CV signals.

Edit for further clarification: Reset mode will use the 1st channel for individual key presses, but will start adding new CV values to subsequent channels if you play legato (overlapping notes). I’d still want the newest key press to be the value my filter CV pot receives, whether I’m playing legato or not.

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Load 2 midi cv, one poly for pitch and gate, another mono for the velocity.


Simple and elegant. Ty!

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You are welcome, sometimes we think so hard we miss the cool things you can do in VCV like just make 2 routes from the controller. Happy patching!

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