Basic Acid patch

This is my first decent patch and thought i might as well share it. I’ll also use this topic to add any improvements/new patches

Download Google drive link

Required modules (they’re all free)

  • Fehler Fabrik Aspect
  • Fehler Fabrik Sigma
  • Scanner Darkly Orca’s Heart
  • Bidoo baR
  • VCV Recorder
  • Frozen Wasteland Drunken Rampage
  • SV Modular CR78
  • Instruō Neóni
  • Vult Nitrous
  • Atelier Palette

How to use

I’m using two Mix modules as main trigger outputs for various parameters, namely gate for the filter env, changing the steps from the two Aspect modules will change the rhythmic pattern

ALGO X and ALGO Y also modulate some envelope stuff, but most notably pitch data

The drum sounds come from the CR78 module but can be replaced easily with any other drum module



Thank you for providing the patch and the info. Welcome to the Forum.